Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S

Platysma are the muscle tissues of the neck. It’s the most superficial muscle within the neck and face.

Platysma or Platysmal bands are two strips of muscle working down vertically on each side of our neck. These bands are attributable to contractions of platysma.

Platysma bands are one of many first indicators of ‘neck ageing’. In keeping with some theories, these bands develop because of the pores and skin sagging. That is adopted by lack of muscle tone. Tightening the pores and skin and muscle are subsequently the important thing elements of the therapy technique.

Are they harmful?

They don’t seem to be harmful to life or well being. They’re fairly widespread in many individuals. They might rise beauty issues in some folks and provides psychological stress. Quite the opposite they don’t pose danger to well being. On this situation saggy pores and skin can develop which can ultimately lead to a double chin, creases within the neck and a situation also known as ‘turkey neck’.

Platysma: Anatomy and Physiology

Platysma Muscle – It’s the superficial muscle of the neck. It overlaps the sternocleidomastoid muscle. Superficially, it covers the entrance (anterior floor) of the neck. Wrinkling of the pores and skin and a bowstring impact on both facet of the neck is produced when platysma contracts.

This muscle arises from the fascia of the higher pectoralis main and deltoid muscle, cross the collar bone, proceed obliquely upward and medially alongside the facet of the neck. On account of this, the midline of the inferior a part of the neck stays poor of muscle cowl. The muscle fibers from each side mingle under and behind the mandibular symphysis whereas the fibers in the back of the muscle cross the decrease jaw bone (mandible). A few of these fibers get inserted into the mandible and others into the pores and skin and subcutaneous tissue.

Features of Platysma – This muscle produces slight wrinkling of the floor of the pores and skin of the neck in an indirect course. These muscle tissues additionally trigger melancholy of the decrease jaw and attracts the decrease lip and angle of the mouth in a frown.

Platysma Bands are induced because of the motion of platysma muscle contracting by way of speaking, consuming and facial features.

Medical relevance – Strains, tears and atrophy could happen in these muscle tissues simply as in some other muscle. It’s susceptible to penetrating trauma. It must be minimize by way of to entry deeper buildings when neck surgical procedures are performed.

Wrinkly pores and skin of the neck – is a situation attributable to lower in muscle tone. This may result in thinning and shortening of muscle. It’s the secondary complication of facial nerve palsy. Additionally it is related to regular ageing course of.

Neck bands – With ageing, the neck bands above this muscle grow to be most evident. Weightlifting or facelift procedures could irritate this situation, a situation often known as ‘turkey neck’ or platysma dyskinesia.

What causes these bands?

Neck Platysmal Bands is widespread and pure and is induced as half and parcel of growing old course of and thickening of the sides of neck muscle tissues. Age, genetics and muscle exercise are additionally counted amongst causes.

They will grow to be extra outstanding for some people. Because the particular person ages, the pores and skin loses its elasticity naturally. The manufacturing of collagen which supplies the pores and skin the youthful firmness can be decreased. This, together with our genetics would trigger the pores and skin over the platysma to seem thinner and will sag. This makes the vertical bands of muscle tissues extra evident and apparent.

The pores and skin overlying the platysma muscle turns into weak and sags because of lack of its elasticity. Laxity of muscle also can happen because of ageing course of. It will trigger the pores and skin to droop. These bands additionally grow to be seen sooner in folks with skinny pores and skin. This implies the position of genetics within the formation of platysma bands.

Strenuous workout routines also can contribute to those bands by inflicting extra stress and muscle exercise within the neck. Subsequently, one ought to, whereas doing workout routines, concentrate on neck stress and attempt to maintain the neck muscle tissues relaxed so far as doable.

Different elements concerned within the causation of platysmal bands –

Muscle exercise and pure ageing – Analysis research confirmed that the mix of muscle exercise and pure growing old course of may cause platysmal bands. This reveals that it’s not mandatory that solely ageing pores and skin ought to trigger platysma bands.

Surgical procedure – Within the research it was discovered that about 76% of contributors who had developed unilateral facial palsy following oto-neuro-surgical therapy had developed seen platysma bands. These bands had been discovered to seem after 10 years after therapy and had been discovered on the perimeters of the necks that weren’t paralyzed.

Train – If one notices rigorously, the platysmal bands on the neck would stick out after she or he has lifted a weight and this occurs because of the stress (of weight lifting) which strains his or her neck. Right here we have to see that train can be a sort of muscle exercise. With passage of time these bands would grow to be increasingly more seen. Excessive depth exercises may also have an effect on the facial muscle tissues. The possibilities of the pores and skin overlying the muscle (platysma) getting stretched and sag would improve with increasingly more use of muscle tissues of face and neck. One ought to understand how a lot to train and exercise. This consciousness may assist in protecting these bands at bay. It’s clever to train / exercise by wanting into the mirror. It will maintain our consciousness targeted on the neck muscle tissues. This can even assist one calm down the neck muscle tissues when as and after they get tensed.

Therapy of Platysma Bands

Since platysma band isn’t a situation of medical concern and because it doesn’t meddle with the well being of these having bands. It’s undoubtedly of beauty significance and level of concern for many individuals. They might look significantly at diminishing these bands on their neck.

The under talked about remedies may assist in tackling platysmal bands.

Botox therapy – Analysis (2018) reveals that botulinum toxin kind A injection may assist in decreasing the looks of platysmal bands. It does that by enjoyable the muscle tissues within the neck. Dr Paul Jarrod Frank (beauty dermatologist) tells that Botox can be utilized to get relieved of those bands which can trigger unbunching of the jaw. That is known as as Nefertiti elevate.

It’s a light and profitable strategy which is popularly used to cut back the looks of platysmal bands. When injected rigorously into the muscle, it releases the stress within the muscle attributable to repetitive muscle contractions. This brings about rest and softening of the neck. This in flip improves the pores and skin look induced because of ageing.

Neck Rejuvenation

  • Dermal fillers – They’re injectable remedies. They’re used to plump up the pores and skin overlying the bands whereby sure gel like substances like hyaluronic acid and so on is used. Typically for higher outcomes, it’s used together with botox.
  • Pores and skin boosters – They’re extremely efficient at restoring misplaced quantity to the decrease face and neck areas the place it’s focused. Hyaluronic acid is the principle ingredient of the boosters. It’s utilized by the physique to retain water content material within the pores and skin and likewise to assist elastin and collagen.

Neck Carry procedures (Platysmaplasty) – This may give dramatic ends in the therapy of platysma bands. It’s a surgical course of and a definitive therapy. It may be thought-about when injectable medicines should not working properly. It tightens the pores and skin and muscle tissues. This in flip results in clean neck and sharper jaw-line.

Decrease facelift – The pores and skin beneath the corners of your mouth are tightened. Extra pores and skin is trimmed. Often, it’s carried out by a plastic surgeon or an ENT (facial) plastic surgeon. It’s efficient although costly. Bleeding, an infection, scarring and nerve harm are a number of the unwanted side effects of this surgical procedure.

Platysmal band workout routines assist in strengthening the muscle tissues of neck. Additionally it is thought to cut back the potential of formation of platysmal banding. However specialists opine to not train this space. It is because the bands might be exacerbating by straining. Neck stretches however are gentler and may yield higher outcomes compared to platysmal band workout routines.

The neck has thinner layer of pores and skin compared to the face. Therapy ranges from administration of noninvasive beauty procedures to surgical procedure.

Can Platysmal Bands be prevented?

It is extremely tough to stop platysmal bands. It is because they’re attributable to many elements together with pure muscularity and genetics. Platysma muscle is concerned within the muscle actions involving our consuming, speaking and facial expressions.

Ayurveda understanding of Platysmal Bands

Platysmal Bands might be stated to be attributable to extreme aggravation of vata particularly within the area of neck and face. Vata impacts the pores and skin and muscle tissues within the neck. Vata naturally aggravates within the outdated age and platysmal bands are additionally shaped on this ‘vata favoring age’.

Extreme train is taken into account to be the principle trigger within the formation of platysmal bands. Ayurveda too has counted ati-vyayama i.e. extreme train because the chief trigger for vata aggravation.

Vata balancing meals, actions, life-style adjustments, medicines and therapies ought to be the principle methods within the therapy of Platysmal Bands. Abhyanga, Nasya, Basti, Brimhana and Rasayana are the principle elements of the therapy of this situation and ought to be successfully introduced into use as and when wanted, individually or together.

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