Has it ever occurred to you earlier than? Your jewelry doesn’t have the sheen it used to otherwise you merely don’t obtain as many compliments in your favorite danglers or that gorgeous necklace! Nicely, this might all be an indication of some upkeep flaws right here and there. However, greater than the rest, it may need one thing to do along with your magnificence regime and particularly your fragrance! The important oils, ethyl alcohol, and colourants current in perfumes are sometimes to be blamed. Stunning, isn’t it? However don’t you are concerned. All it’s good to do is perceive, why this occurs and what impact it may possibly have. That being taken care of, we will lookup a regime that helps you feel and look splendid whereas preserving your jewelry shining shiny!

The Impact of Fragrance on Gold Jewelry

the effect of perfume on gold jewellery

To start with, it is very important perceive that Gold is a extremely ductile and malleable steel, and subsequently doesn’t have the power to carry the intricate shapes of jewelry design. Therefore, virtually all gold jewelry incorporates a small share of steel alloys equivalent to Silver, Copper, Palladium, Zinc, and so forth, to make sure that the jewelry retains form, and doesn’t bend, crack or break simply. 

Whereas perfumes don’t have a direct response with pure gold, they will corrode the steel alloys that gold jewelry contains of. So far as the gold is anxious, the fragrance can typically result in the discolouration of this valuable steel, or just boring its sheen, each of which instantly affect the look and enchantment of the jewelry piece.

The Impact of Fragrance on Silver Jewelry

the effect of perfume on silver jewellery

As chances are you’ll already know, silver is a steel that oxidises rapidly, which is actually why many of the silver jewelry and utensils that you could be possess typically flip metallic black when used frequently, or after they are available direct contact with air. Sadly, silver additionally reacts equally and quite rapidly, when uncovered to the chemical substances current in perfumes.

It’s possible you’ll be questioning, if sterling silver jewelry doesn’t get oxidised as simply, it most likely doesn’t react with perfumes. Sorry to disappoint you, however sterling silver contains of copper, and when this copper is available in contact with the chemical substances and moisture contained in perfumes, it turns inexperienced.  As you’ll have guessed, your sterling silver jewelry would possibly get a greenish hue whether it is uncovered to perfumes frequently. The identical would be the case if the jewelry is available in contact with aromatic oils.  

The Impact of Fragrance on Diamond Jewelry

The Effect of Perfume on Diamond Jewellery

As a rule, diamonds are thought-about to be too robust to endure any injury, particularly from one thing as mild and seemingly delicate as fragrance. Nonetheless, it isn’t the case. The truth is, diamonds and all different pure gems are inclined to wreck because of the important oils contained in perfumes. The build-up of those oils on the diamonds might end in a pale yellow hue that’s troublesome to do away with. Not solely do they take away the inherent shine of the diamonds, however can also end in lack of worth of their worth. 

In case your diamond jewelry is exhibiting indicators of such injury, make an answer utilizing six components water and one half ammonia, and use it to scrub the jewelry utilizing a smooth brush. After all, you don’t want us to inform you, that precaution is healthier than treatment in such circumstances. 

The Impact of Fragrance on Pearl Jewelry

The Effect of Perfume on Pearl Jewellery

It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that peals are essentially the most vulnerable to wreck from perfumes and hairsprays, when in comparison with gold, silver and diamonds. Not solely can pearls endure discolouration because of publicity to fragrance, however they will additionally lose their texture and shine. Therefore, it’s thought-about greatest if, pearls are worn solely after a considerable time hole from using perfumes.  Furthermore, it’s best if pearls are shops in clear and dry zip-lock luggage to keep away from any bodily injury. 

The Impact of Fragrance on Synthetic Jewelry 

The Effect of Perfume on Artificial Jewellery

As a lot as it’s laborious to imagine, fragrance can injury imitation jewelry as nicely. What’s extra heart-breaking is that almost all of this injury is everlasting, and can’t be repaired. That is due to the comparatively poor high quality of metals and alloys used to design imitation jewelry.

And earlier than you begin pondering on one other tangent, allow us to break the information to you. Even natural perfumes, fragrances and oils have the identical impact on gold, diamond, silver, pearl and synthetic jewelry. So, whatever the model or sort of fragrance or perfume that you simply’re utilizing, it’s advisable to make use of it at the least 10-20 minutes earlier than sporting your jewelry! And so far as shopping for jewelry that’s value all this effort is anxious, look no additional than KuberBox – India’s most trusted on-line jewelry purchasing vacation spot!


  1. Does fragrance have an effect on gold?

Fragrance can’t corrode pure gold, however it may possibly result in its discolouration, and in some circumstances boring its shine. The artificial supplies utilized in perfumes can, nevertheless, show to be corrosive to the alloys utilized in gold jewelry. 

  1. Does fragrance have an effect on sterling silver?

Sadly sure. Perfumes can result in the tarnishing of sterling silver jewelry by reacting with the copper alloy current in the identical.

  1. Are you able to put on fragrance with pearls?

Ideally, you should keep away from sporting fragrance with pearls. In case you want to take action, then it’s strongly really helpful to put on the fragrance first. Look ahead to 10 to fifteen minutes, after which put on the pearls. This may assist keep away from any robust response which will hurt the pearls.  

  1. What are among the measures that may assist keep away from hurt to gold, silver and diamond jewelry?

To maintain your jewelry in the absolute best situation, make certain to stick to those simple to comply with measures –  

  • Keep away from sporting jewelry throughout swimming and strenuous actions which can result in sweating
  • Don’t put on jewelry earlier than making use of sunscreen 
  • Make certain to take away jewelry when in an surroundings with excessive ranges of filth, mud or humidity
  • At all times anticipate 10-20 minutes after making use of fragrance, make-up or every other cosmetics on pores and skin, and solely then put in your jewelry