Article by Dr Manasa S, B.A.M.S & Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay)

Menstrual Associated Complications (MRH) affecting girls are additionally known as by the names ‘Menstrual Migraine’ and ‘Hormonal Complications’.

They happen through the menstrual cycle and are carefully linked to hormonal fluctuations, primarily decline in oestrogen ranges.

Associated Studying – Menstrual Associated Complications

Menstrual Complications / Menstrual Migraine – Understanding and administration from Ayurveda Perspective

Quoting Senior Professor and famend Ayurveda doctor and grand-master Lt Shri SN Ojha sir – ‘Hormones are Vata Dharmiya’ i.e. their actions are much like these of vata and signs of imbalance are much like vata disturbance.

This additionally contains the oestrogen and progesterone hormone play within the menstrual cycle of a girl and every little thing which controls and balances them.

Hormone Complications will be studied in parallel with Vataja Shiroroga / Vataja Shirashula.

Artava Nishkramana Karma

Common and balanced menstrual cycles in girls and the physiology of menstruation is below the management of vata, primarily apana vata. If apana vata is disturbed or put right into a state of imbalance, menstrual irregularities happen in girls.

Artava Vega Dharana

Ayurveda advocates that the physique’s pure urges shouldn’t be withheld forcibly. Artava Vega Dharana i.e. forcibly withholding the menstrual cycles or meddling with its cycles could cause a big selection of issues. Although not talked about, it shall be thought-about and inferred rather than shukra vega dharana – forcibly withholding the ejaculatory reflex or urge in males, in girls. Vega Dharana of any type will trigger udavarta i.e. retrograde or upward actions of vata. This vata will produce many problems, together with headache. Ladies shouldn’t meddle with or tamper with the conventional menstrual cycles.

Shiroruja – headache – is talked about amongst the signs attributable to ‘forcible withholding of defecation urge / reflex’. Defecation can be managed by apana vata, the identical subtype of vata which controls menstruation. Equally, obstruction or issues within the cycles of menstruation could cause complications. Alternatively, weak apana vata is not going to allow regular and wholesome menstruation. It might result in deficit or extra menstruation. Each could cause complications or menstrual migraines. Many instances, a course of Virechana given for some function would rectify the features of apana vata, menstrual irregularities and has been discovered to be an efficient treatment for menstrual migraine or hormonal complications. Equally, Vasti or Uttara Vasti may have an analogous affect. Many instances, an exterior remedy like Shirodhara, Shirovasti or Abhyanga or Sarvangadhara will magically relieve menstrual complications. Equally, girls who’re used to withholding pure defecation reflexes or have continual constipation are seen to have menstrual irregularities and in addition menstrual migraine.

This sort of headache i.e. Menstrual Associated Complications are additionally known as Menstrual Migraine. Migraine is in comparison with Ardhavabhedaka Shiroroga / Shirashula in Ayurveda. Vataja Shiroroga and Ardhavabhedaka Shiroroga have virtually comparable signs of presentation.

Rakta Kshaya and Raktaja Shiroroga / Shirashula

Hormone Headache / Menstrual Complications may also be thought-about as Raktaja Shiroroga / Shirashula. The signs of pittaja shirashula together with tenderness within the head are the options of this kind of headache. Enhance in rasa or rakta (lymph and blood) might result in extreme manufacturing of blood resulting in extreme discharge of menstrual blood.

Rakta Kshaya i.e. extra lack of blood can result in vata enhance and vataja sort of headache. Right here, these complications bridge between Vataja and Raktaja Complications and are handled as per their predominance.

Raktavruta Vata and Vatarakta

Menstrual Migraine may be handled on the traces of Raktavruta Vata – vata obstructed by vitiated rakta or Vatarakta – vicious amalgamation of vata and rakta inflicting systemic dysfunction with predominant signs of bones, joints and tender tissues – popularly in contrast with gout or gouty arthritis. Asrugdhara – extreme menstrual bleeding / dysmenorrhea and Vatarakta – each are rakta pradoshaja vikaras i.e. ailments taking origin from contamination of blood tissue and each could cause each, and each are associated to vata imbalances.

Kshayaja Shiroroga / Kshayaja Shirashula

It is a sort of headache which is attributable to irregular lower of rakta – blood, meda – fats tissue, kapha and vata. Headache is extreme and insupportable and is troublesome to treatment. Any such headache will increase by administration of swedana – sudation, vamana – emesis, dhumapana – natural or medicated smoking and nasya – robust errhines / instillation of nasal drops and raktamokshana – bloodletting.

On this situation, we are able to see that lower in blood is among the causes for the headache. This lower in blood tissue might occur on account of extreme and uncontrolled menstruation.

Ideas of Administration of Hormonal / Menstrual Headache

Principally, these complications shall be managed on the traces of remedy of vataja shiroroga and ardhavabhedaka. Since menstrual migraine or hormonal headache falls below completely different circumstances defined in Ayurveda, the doctor ought to use his expertise and information to choose up an appropriate and most complete line of remedy as per his or her understanding of the illness. I’ve given varied views of understanding the illness via the Ayurveda lens within the above paragraphs. Sustaining good menstrual well being is the important thing to stop menstrual complications and different circumstances related to menstrual irregularities.