Of the numerous shipwrecks in historical past, the Nuestra Señora de Atocha stands out as one of the vital essential due to its exceptional legacy. This famend vessel’s story of loss and rediscovery has captured the creativeness of numerous adventurers, historians and numismatists alike. Amongst its treasures, the Atocha shipwreck cash maintain a particular attract that this piece will discover, delving into:

  • The historical past of this Spanish galleon.
  • The importance of the cash recovered from the wreck.
  • Solutions to collectors’ most incessantly requested questions.

Watch this unimaginable Atocha shipwreck video to additional discover the story of this famend vessel:

Info in regards to the Nuestra Señora de Atocha shipwreck

From its tragic demise to the modern-day museum devoted to its legacy, we reveal the fascinating particulars that make the Atocha shipwreck one of the vital iconic maritime tales in historical past.

The Atocha shipwreck historical past

Launched in 1620 in Havana, Cuba, the Nuestra Señora de Atocha was a formidable vessel tasked with transporting priceless cargo from the New World again to Europe as a part of Spain’s treasure fleet. With a hull measuring roughly 34 meters in size, it was among the many largest ships of its time.

In 1622, the Atocha was assigned the duty of serving because the rear guard ship, or ‘almiranta’, of a 28-ship fleet on a voyage from Cuba to Spain. Laden with gold, silver, jewels, and different valuable commodities sourced from the Spanish colonies within the Caribbean, it was charged with defending the fleet’s rear from assaults or different threats encountered alongside the journey.

Sadly, destiny had different plans, and the Nuestra Señora de Atocha was by no means to meet its mission of delivering its riches to the Spanish Crown. Tragically, the Spanish treasure galleon’s journey met a catastrophic finish when it encountered a robust hurricane off the coast of the Florida Keys. The relentless storm battered the ship mercilessly, inflicting it to founder and sink, claiming the lives of most of its 265 crew and passengers amidst the tempestuous seas, and scattering its valuable cargo throughout the ocean ground.

For hundreds of years, the Atocha shipwreck story remained shrouded in thriller beneath the depths of the ocean. It wasn’t till the twentieth century that its legend sparked the curiosity of treasure hunters, with numerous expeditions making an attempt to find its fabled fortune.

In 1985, after years of tireless looking out, Mel Fisher and his group made historical past after they lastly found the Atocha’s resting place. The following salvage operation was a monumental enterprise, revealing a trove of gold, silver, jewels, and artifacts price lots of of tens of millions of {dollars}.

Atocha Shipwreck










Picture by Marine Perception

The Atocha shipwreck location map

Located off the coast of the Florida Keys, the Atocha’s resting place lies roughly 35 miles southwest of Key West. The shipwreck is submerged within the crystal-clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico, nestled amidst the colourful marine lifetime of the world’s coral reefs.

The coordinates for the Atocha (24 levels 31.5 ft North Latitude and 82 levels 20 ft West Longitude) mark the precise spot the place Mel Fisher and his group found the long-lost treasure trove in 1985. Researchers and fanatics can discover the exact location of the Atocha shipwreck utilizing the detailed data offered on an Atocha wreck website map.










Approximate location of the Atocha shipwreck (indicated by a pink circle)

Map by Florida Reminiscence

The Atocha shipwreck depth

The Atocha shipwreck rests at a depth of roughly 55 ft (16.8 meters) under the floor of the Gulf of Mexico. This depth locations the wreckage inside accessible vary for divers and researchers, permitting for exploration and examine of the location’s historic significance.

Regardless of being submerged for hundreds of years, the comparatively shallow depth has additionally facilitated the preservation of the Atocha’s remnants, together with its cargo and structural parts.

The Atocha shipwreck footage

From close-up pictures of artifacts to panoramic views of the underwater panorama, footage of the Atocha shipwreck supply a singular perspective on its legacy.

shipwreck images








Photographs by Florida Keys Me

The Atocha shipwreck museum

Situated in Key West, Florida, the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum, unofficially often known as the Atocha shipwreck museum, gives guests with an enchanting glimpse into the world of maritime archaeology and the story of Mel Fisher’s legendary quest.

Displays throughout the museum showcase artifacts recovered from the Atocha wreckage, together with gold and silver bars, jewellery, pottery, and navigational devices. Via interactive shows, immersive displays, and informative shows, guests can delve into the intricacies of the Atocha’s journey, its tragic destiny, and the extraordinary efforts to get well its treasures from the depths of the ocean.

Genuine Atocha cash

Not like the SS Gairsoppa, the place no cash have been recovered, the invention of the Atocha yielded a treasure trove of cash valued at an estimated whole of lots of tens of millions of {dollars}. The salvaged Atocha cash, minted throughout the Spanish colonial interval, current a diverse assortment of numismatic examples that encapsulate centuries of New World commerce and commerce.

Atocha gold cash

1 Escudo Carlos and Juana Atocha shipwreck coin

Among the many recovered Nuestra Señora de Atocha cash, one stands out as notably noteworthy: a 1537 gold Carlos and Juana escudo. Holding a particular place in numismatic historical past, this coin, produced on the Seville Mint throughout the joint reign of Charles I of Spain and his mom Joanna of Castile, marks the introduction of the escudo denomination in 1535/1537.

1 Escudo Carlos and Juana

Escudo Carlos and Juana Atocha shipwreck coin







Burgos Mint 1 Escudo Carlos and Juana Atocha wreck coin

One other vital discover among the many shipwreck Atocha cash is the gold Carlos and Juana escudo minted by the Burgos Mint. Whereas it was frequent follow for Spanish mainland mints to create forex to be used within the colonies, Burgos’s manufacturing was comparatively restricted, making its cash extremely sought-after items by collectors.

1 Escudo Carlos and Juana

  • Metallic: Gold
  • 12 months: Earlier than 1545

Burgos Mint 1 Escudo Carlos and Juana Atocha wreck coin







2 Escudos Philip II Atocha gold coin

2 Escudos cash, often known as doubloons, derived from the Spanish phrase “doblón” which means double, have been a revered forex throughout the New World conquest. This specific one was minted throughout the period of Philip II, the primary official king of a united Spain. Despite the fact that the mint and assayer aren’t explicitly seen on it, its design and traits align with cash produced by the Seville Mint throughout this era, including to its immense historic significance amongst Atocha cash.

2 Escudos Philip II

  • Metallic: Gold
  • 12 months: Earlier than 1598

2 Escudos Philip II







Atocha silver cash

Mexico Mint 2 reales Carlos and Juana Atocha silver coin

Minted circa 1556 on the Mexico Mint, this 2 reales coin holds vital worth because the smallest denomination found on the shipwreck, making it a fantastic discover for these in search of Atocha cash on the market. Moreover, it stands as one of many earliest examples of coinage from the Americas, with the Mexico Mint pioneering coin manufacturing within the area in 1536.

2 reales Carlos and Juana (Assayer O)

Mexico Mint 2 reales Carlos and Juana Atocha silver coin







Mexico Mint 8 reales Philip III genuine Atocha coin

Made to commemorate the reign of Philip III, this gorgeous Atocha shipwreck treasure 8 reales coin from the Mexico Mint showcases the Protect of the Habsburgs of Spain on the obverse and the Cross of Jerusalem on the reverse. The presence of Assayer A’s mark signifies it was minted throughout the tenure of Antonio de Morales, courting it to the years 1608 and 1609.

8 reales Philip III (Assayer A)

  • Metallic: Silver
  • 12 months: 1608 – 1609

8 reales Philip III (Assayer A)






Lima Mint 2 reales Philip II Atocha 1622 coin

This 2 reales 1622 Atocha coin, struck within the Peruvian capital throughout the reign of Philip II, showcases a topped coat of arms on the obverse and crosses with lions and castles on the reverse. Its affiliation with the short-lived Assayer Xines Martinez (X) makes it a extremely sought-after piece amongst collectors.

2 reales Philip II (Assayer X)

  • Metallic: Silver
  • 12 months: 1572 – 1573

2 reales Philip II (Assayer X)







Lima Mint 8 reales Philip II Atocha ship coin

Additionally crafted throughout the reign of Philip II of Spain, this lovely 8 reales coin from Lima boasts an elaborate obverse that includes the numeral “VIII”, alongside symbols representing the mint, coat of arms, and assayer. Its reverse shows a design of lions and castles throughout the quarters of a cross, making it a fascinating Atocha coin on the market to collectors.

8 reales Philip II (Assayer D)

  • Metallic: Silver
  • 12 months: Between 1580 and 1588

8 reales Philip II (Assayer D)







Potosí Mint 8 reales Philip II Nuestra Señora de Atocha coin

Minted in Potosí, nestled within the Andes Mountains of present-day Bolivia, this 8 reales coin options the effigy of Philip II and the mark of Assayer B. This coin holds distinctive significance as one of many first minted in Potosí, utilizing dies from Lima, making it one of the vital extraordinary shipwreck cash Atocha has to supply to numismatists.

8 reales Philip II (Assayer B)

8 reales Philip II (Assayer B)







Potosí Mint 8 reales Philip IV actual Atocha coin

Additionally crafted on the Potosí Mint, a big minting heart throughout the Spanish colonial period in an space famend for its huge silver mines, this 8 reales coin bears the effigy of Philip IV and the mark of Assayer T. A fascinating artifact, its unearthing enriches the legacy of the Atocha shipwreck treasure.

8 reales Philip IV (Assayer T)

8 reales Philip IV (Assayer T)







Santa Fe de Bogotá 4 reales Nuestra Señora de Atocha silver coin

Among the many most exceptional cash from the Atocha shipwreck is that this 4 reales coin dated 1622. Initially shrouded in thriller with its mint of origin unsure and missing seen assayer marks, its significance grew to become obvious when the coat-of-arms of Granada was acknowledged, linking it to the insignia of Santa Fe de Bogotá, Colombia.

4 reales

4 reales







For a collection of distinctive rarities, past Atocha treasure cash on the market, click on right here.

FAQ in regards to the Atocha coin treasure

Listed here are the solutions to folks’s commonest questions in regards to the Atocha shipwreck and its treasures.

The place was the Atocha shipwreck discovered?

The Atocha wreck location was recognized roughly 35 miles southwest of Key West, Florida, throughout the Gulf of Mexico’s waters.

Who discovered the Atocha shipwreck?

Mel Fisher and his group found the Atocha shipwreck in 1985 after years of devoted looking out and exploration efforts.

How deep is the Atocha shipwreck?

The underwater Atocha shipwreck rests at a depth of roughly 55 ft (16.8 meters) under the floor of the Gulf of Mexico.

What’s an Atocha coin?

An Atocha coin refers to a coin recovered from the Atocha shipwreck, usually minted in Spain or its colonies throughout the colonial period. The Atocha coin which means extends past its financial worth, embodying a wealthy historic significance as a result of its affiliation with the legendary Spanish galleon.

Are Atocha cash a very good funding?

Investing in Atocha cash might be profitable, with their worth steadily rising over time. As historic artifacts with restricted availability, Atocha cash going up in worth make them an interesting funding choice for collectors and fanatics alike.

The Atocha cash, with their wealthy historical past and intrinsic worth, signify a singular alternative for collectors and traders alike. For these in search of to spend money on uncommon cash, Blanchard affords a complete choice. Contact Blanchard with inquiries in regards to the Atocha coin worth and extra and embark in your numismatic journey in the present day.

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