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After practically 10 months of issuing principally short-term debt, the Treasury lastly issued Notes in 2 of the final 3 months.

Be aware: Non-Marketable consists nearly completely of debt the federal government owes to itself (e.g., debt owed to Social Safety or public retirement)

Determine: 1 Month Over Month change in Debt

Within the first six months of 2024, the Treasury has added over $870B in new debt.

Determine: 2 Yr Over Yr change in Debt

Up to now in 2024, the Treasury has saved a reasonably secure money steadiness of $800B.

Determine: 3 Treasury Money Stability

The chart beneath reveals the true hazard of the current drop within the total maturity of the debt. After topping out at 6.24 years in 2023, the typical weighted maturity of the debt is 5.91 years. On the identical time, the weighted common rate of interest has elevated from 1.32% to three.02%.

Determine: 4 Weighted Averages

The Treasury is in a extremely powerful spot as rising curiosity funds have completely exploded debt service prices. The annual run price is now over $800B. It was round $300B as little as 3 years in the past.

Determine: 5 Internet Curiosity Expense

Utilizing the present Fed dot plot and the rolling maturity of the debt produces the forecast beneath. Once more, the Treasury left “debt affordability” within the rearview mirror in 2021. The Treasury is now completely hemorrhaging money on debt service prices.

Determine: 6 Projected Internet Curiosity Expense

Talking of debt issuance and rollover, the chart beneath reveals the forecasted debt maturing this 12 months for 2-10-year maturities. Debt rolling over might be greater than $400B greater than it was in 2023 regardless of the actual fact they’re including nearly no new debt to the be aware steadiness.

Be aware “Internet Change in Debt” is the distinction between Debt Issued and Debt Matured. This implies when constructive it’s a part of Debt Issued and when unfavourable it represents Debt Matured

Determine: 7 Treasury Be aware Rollover

Yield Curve

The Treasury might be paying decrease charges at present by issuing longer-term debt. The 2 points are market saturation and debt lock-in. The market can’t take in large volumes of lengthy dated Treasury debt. Yellen additionally doesn’t wish to lock in these elevated charges.

Determine: 8 Monitoring Yield Curve Inversion

Historic Perspective

The chart and desk beneath present how the debt and curiosity have modified over time.

Determine: 9 Whole Debt Excellent

Determine: 10 Debt Particulars over 20 years

Wrapping Up

Many Fed officers and market pundits have known as the present fiscal scenario “unsustainable”. This can be a gross understatement. The present fiscal scenario is an absolute practice wreck with no approach out. It has been known as a ticking time bomb for many years. That bomb has gone off and it’s worse than anybody may have imagined. Anybody sticking to the mushy touchdown narrative and justifying this as a future drawback just isn’t doing basic math. Buckle up!

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US Debt interactive charts and graphs can at all times be discovered on the Exploring Finance dashboard:

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